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Complementary / Alternative Medicine News

Natural and home remedies for a sore throat

Learn about the different natural remedies that may alleviate symptoms of a sore throat, what over-the-counter remedies may work, and when to see a doctor.

Best contact lenses for people with dry eyes

What type and brand of contact lens may be best for people with dry eyes? Are there any lifestyle changes that may help and are there any associated risks?

Researcher investigates why mothers sing to their babies

Mothers from all human societies sing to their babies. Why do they do this, and is it important? One researcher is determined to find out.
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The Natural Therapist

Issue: 30 No. 2 | Jul 2015

Advertise on ANTA's website today or in the Natural Therapist journal and reach out to Australia's growing Natural Therapies community.

ANTA Offical Journal - The Natural Therapist