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Webinars, Online and Distance Education

BioMedica: Mental Health

Bush Flower Essences
Free Webinar - Common Gut Problems

How to Diagnose and How to Treat

Webinar details and registration at panaxea.com 

August 6th 7.45pm AEST


Bush Flower Essences
Qin Bo-Wei's Treatment of Common Cold & Flu (gan mao) by Jason Blalack

This course teaches how to effectively treat the common cold and flu (gan mao) in modern-day clinic.

Jason Blalack presents material from Qin Bo-Wei and Ye Tian-Shi.

Written material only.

Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF via email within 24 hours.

Was $150.00
NOW $100.00
You Save: $50.00

Download More Information Webinar Details and Registration » (PDF 342kb)

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Drugs and Herbs: Interactions and Alternatives, with John Chen

CHINA BOOKS EDUCATION is delighted to announce the seminar "Drug and Herbs: Interactions and Alternatives", by Dr John Chen, is now available on-line!

This webinar is a MUST for every practitioner who prescribes herbs!

Dr John Chen is a TCM practitioner but has also completed a Pharmacology degree, giving him vital knowledge and insight into drug-herb interactions and alternatives in the modern day clinic. So many patients these days present with a range of prescribed western drugs and it is important to know of any possible dangerous interactions and what alternatives to use.

Day 1: Recognition and Prevention of Herb-Drug Interactions

Historically, herbs and drugs have been very rarely used together but the line separating herbs and drugs has been blurred in recent decades.

In the clinic, patients seeking TCM treatment will commonly be already taking one or more pharmaceutical drugs. From the point of view of the practitioner, an understanding of the interactions of herbal and Western medications, and their possible side effects, is therefore vital.

In this seminar, Dr. John Chen will present the latest information regarding pharmacokinetic and pharmaco-dynamic herb-drug interactions. His insights into pharmacology will allow you to foresee possible interactions and thus take precautions to avoid incompatibilities and ensure the safety of your patients. The topics covered during the “Herb-Drug Interactions” seminar include:

  • The fundamental knowledge of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic interactions
  • The herbs that are most likely to interact with other drugs/herbs
  • Discussion of the most common drug-herb interactions
  • Recognizing the herbs with teratogenic properties
  • Adjusting dosage of herbs based on age and/or body weight.
  • Treatment of overdose and adverse reactions

DAY 2: Herbal Alternatives to drugs

On day two, Dr.Chen will discuss the most commonly prescribed medications, their actions, side effects and herbal alternatives. You will learn how to prescribe herbs as an alternative to some common drugs and you will also be given protocols for time frames and herbal dosages involved in reducing pharmaceutical usage. This is a unique opportunity to learn up-to-date and clinically relevant information from one of the leading doctors in herb-drug interactions. Upon completion of this course, the practitioner will be able to:

  • Describe the indications, mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics and side effects of drugs and herbs
  • Recognize and differentiate the advantages and disadvantages of herb and drug therapy
  • Distinguish situations where drugs are superior to herbs, and situations where herbs are superior to drugs
  • Recognize herbs with functions similar to drugs according to their functions and clinical research
  • Know situations where herbs can be used as an alternative to drugs for similar or better therapeutic effects, or with fewer side effects.

You can register online at www.chinabookseducation.com.au, or you can call us at CHINA BOOKS SYDNEY on 02 9280 1885 for registeration and instructions.

Download More Information More Information and details » (PDF 410kb)

Bush Flower Essences
WEBINAR: Application of Classical Formulas, by Professor Huang Huang

CHINA BOOKS SYDNEY is delighted to announce that the webinar of the "Application of Classical Formulas" recently presented by Professor Huang Huang is now available for viewing on our China Books Education website: www.chinabookseducation.com.au.

In this FOUR DAY SEMINAR, world renowned Professor Huang will acquaint practitioners and students with the classical understanding of common formulas and how best to apply them in a clinical situation in reference to a patient's presentation, constitution and progression of disease.

This was an immensely popular seminar which was highly rated by all who attended! 

About the Webinar:  
DAY 1 - 3: Clinical Applications of Classical Formulas (20 CPD points)
The first 3 days will focus on understanding the complexity of common classical formulas, their relations to one another and the subtle differences between formulas within the same family.

This seminar will encompass the following:

  • Full comprehension of the actions of the chief herb.
  • Effect of the formula functions with changes in dosage.
  • How combining different classical formulas can expand the scope of treatment to treat chronic and complicated cases.

DAY 4: The Treatment of Cancer & Auto-Immune Diseases Using Classical Formulas (6.5 CPD points) 
The fourth day will focus on how Professor Huang approaches herbs when working with patients that have cancer and auto-immune diseases. He will teach you his methods of diagnosing various stages of illness and how to best prescribe formulas within these stages. Special attention will be given to the common side effects of western cancer treatments such as fever, low white-blood counts, nausea, and ulcerations of mucuous membranes.


Download More Information More Information and details » (PDF 410kb)

ResearchNutrition Webinar
The Big Fat Story Webinar

Missed Stuart Tomc’s seminar tour in October (or just want to see it again)?

We will be screening an online RECORDING of THE BIG FAT STORY presented by Stuart Tomc in Sydney - followed by LIVE Q&A with Warren Maginn.

Registration is free!

The Big Fat Story

Think you know all there is to know about OMEGA-3? ...Think again!


Have you seen the dismal news reports on health and wondered— “What are we missing?” Stuart Tomc, Nordic Naturals Global Educator and veteran nutritional warrior, can answer that question!


“The more we examine omega-3 fats and understand its interconnectedness, the more we realise its significance in conception, development, and graceful aging. All life, every cell, each organ and system is reliant on this vital nutrient.” -Stuart Tomc

Register for The Big Fat Story today and learn about:

  • The Missing Ingredient: Why omega oils are essential to health
  • Global Impact: Why deficiency in omega-3s is a worldwide problem
  • What You Can Do: Your critical role the Big Fat Story

>> Click here for a sneak peak


Watch the Big Fat Story Recording & Live Q&A with Warren & get 15% OFF YOUR NEXT NORDIC NATURALS ORDER!

When: 6.30 PM (AEST) Tuesday 5th August 2014

Recording is 1 hour & 15 min plus 30 minutes for Q&A with Warren Maginn.


Bio Concepts Education Centre
Hera Webinar Case Series 2014

The Homeopathic Education and Research Association (HERA) is hosting a monthly Webinar case study.

Cases will be delivered by HERA members drawn from their practice, previous cases from Intensives with Dr Dixit and also the occasional case presented by Dr Dixit.

Hera Students And Graduates Webinar Series 2014

HERA is running a monthly webinar series aimed at current students and recent graduates. The aim of these webinars is to encourage homeopathic learning through standardised case studies presented by one of our team of experienced homeopaths and also to facilitate discussion about homeopathic practice in general.

Anybody is welcome to listen in to the webinar; however questions and discussion will be limited to students and recent graduates. We invite both homeopathic trained individuals and also people from other disciplines who have an interest in improving their homeopathic skills.

In the interest of promoting standardise homeopathy, the webinar series is free; however we would welcome any donations to help cover costs. Payments can be made directly into our HERA account and a receipt will be sent to you at a later date.

The Webinars will be held on the second Monday of every month at 7.30pm
If you are interested in participating please send you email details to Jim Veljanovski at:

For more information about HERA go to: www.hera.org.au 

Bio Concepts Education Centre
Bio Concepts Education Centre Founded by Henry Osiecki

Bio Concepts Education Centre

Annual Subscription $60 or Lifetime Membership for $200


  • Education on Demand - A back catalogue of webinars, training videos, interpretations of clinical trials and case studies.
  • Access to the hidden “Osiecki Files” - Collections of current and past research from Henry and Michael Osiecki’s careers; exclusive opinion pieces and practitioner questions and answers.
  • Access to the Natural Standards Database - Valued at $199.
  • Clinical Toolbox - Access to tools and interpretations that will help in a clinical setting.
  • Competition & Promotions - Exclusive promotions, discounts and giveaways for members only.

Visit www.bioconcepts.com.au/wsb  to see a demonstration of the site and to see why Henry Osiecki developed the Bio Concepts Education Centre.

Visit bioconcepts.com.au/wsb  for more details on how to purchase membership.

Bush Flower Essences
TCM Treatment of the IVF Patient

With Jane Lyttleton

About the Course

This is a course in 4 parts of approximately 1.5 hours per part, and covers in detail all the information a qualified TCM practitioner might need in order to effectively approach the treatment and needs of the IVF patient.

In Part 1 "Assisted Reproduction technology and In Vitro Fertilisation" Jane looks at where modern reproductive medicine stands in the early 21st century and examines the different treatment options using assisted reproductive technology.

In Part 2 "Assisted Reproduction Technology and Traditional Chinese Medicine" Jane looks at the different approaches these 2 medicines take, and discusses pros and cons of different methods and how they can complement each other. She discusses how responses to IVF treatments can inform TCM diagnosis.

Part 3 TCM treatment of the IVF patient constitutes the main part of this course and looks at herbal and acupuncture treatment for couples preparing for IVF, and then during IVF. It combines traditional techniques of TCM gynaecology with research based protocols and those based on the experience of working with IVF patients in the last ten years.

Finally Part 4 covers current research relevant to the area of acupuncture and reproductive medicine.

  • Notes can be downloaded
  • 6 CPE points allocated for the course
  • Payment can be made by cheque, money order or credit card or simply pay online
  • No time limit – can be viewed anytime
COST: $275

You can register by calling CHINA BOOKS SYDNEY on 02 9280 1885. You can also register online at www.chinabookseducation.com.au.

Download More Information More Information and Registration details » (PDF 410kb)

Bush Flower Essences
Ethics and Law - What Every Practitioner Should Know - Ann Adams

Law and Ethics Webinar available to fulfill AHPRA professional education requirements!

CPE:   4 CPD Points (as required by AHPRA)
COST: $195

Available as WEBINAR  www.chinabookseducation.com.au 

This webinar is a MUST for every health professional!  Ann has included up-to-the-minute cases handed down by AHPRA regarding practitioners.

Please call CHINA BOOKS SYDNEY on 02 9280 1885, to register.


  • Professional Ethics and Personal Ethics – what are the standards you need to adhere to both professionally and personally.
  • Your responsibilities as a registered practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • How to comply with the new Codes of Practice, Acts and Regulations.
  • Patient Records – new requirements.
  • Your Duty of Care
  • What is Negligence in Chinese Medicine
  • Professional Responsibility as a practitioner
  • A patient's Consent to Treatment
  • Professional Misconduct
  • A review of cases involving Chinese Medicine practitioners in Australia to date – what offences have been prosecuted, what were the circumstances involved, what the outcomes were and what lessons can be learned from these cases.
  • The role of the Expert Witness.
  • What do you do if you are required to attend a hearing – as a defendant or a witness.

This is a excellent opportunity to bring yourself up to speed with what is legally required of you as Registered Health Professional.

WEBINAR: just log on to www.ChinaBooksEducation.com.au, buy online, sit back with a cup of (chinese) tea (or a glass of wine) and watch (how very civilised)!

Bush Flower Essences
China Books Education: Webinars for CPE Points now on line!

CHINA BOOKS SYDNEY is delighted to announce that we now have a number of excellent seminars on line ready for you to watch!

Our new webinar site, (www.chinabookseducation.com.au), has a great range of high quality seminars for you to choose from. This is a fantastic service for those of you in remote areas who find the cost of travelling, coupled with the loss of earnings whilst clinic is unattended, too much.

This is also a very convenient service for those of you too busy to take time out of your clinic to attend seminars to obtain your CPE points. 20 CPE points now required by AHPRA for registration. And of course the best reason of all is that the seminars we bring you are absolutely fabulous! Priceless, clinically relevant, information from experts in their fields who impart wisdom and knowledge gained not only from research and study but, more importantly, from clinical experience.

The following seminars are now available:

  1. TCM Treatment of the IVF Patient, by Jane Lyttleton, 6 CPE points

  2. Treating the Common Cold & Flu Based on Qin Bo-Wei, Jason Blalack, 6 CPE points

  3. Chinese Scalp Acupuncture, JasonHao, 13 CPE points

  4. Advanced Acupuncture, Daniel Deng, 14 points

  5. Ethics and Law in the Health Profession, Ann Adams, 4 points

  6. Constructing an Acupuncture Treatment for Musculoskeletal Pain,  David Legge, 6.5 points

  7. Ear Acupuncture, Chantall Vuliez, 6.5 CPE points

  8. HunYuan Medicine,  Yaron Seidman, 18 CPE points

  9. A Contempoary Approach to Female Infertility, Peter Kington, 6.5 CPE points

  10. Analysing the Jing: A Contempoary Approach to male Infertility, Peter Kington, 6.5 CPE points

  11. Maximising the Efficay of Granulkes, Eric Brand, 6.5 CPE points

  12. Farm to Pharmacy, Eric Brand, 6.5 CPE  points

  13. Womens' Pathology and Physiology, Elisabeth Rochat de la Valle, 13 CPE points

  14. Chinese Herbal Medicine and IVF Support, Kathryn Taylor, 6.5 CPE points

  15. Lingering Pathogens, with Will Maclean, 13 CPE points

To register for any of these webinars all you need to do is email or call us at CHINA BOOKS SYDNEY (02 9280 1885) and, once payment is made, we give you access to the seminar of your choice and you have one month to view. We supply you with a CPE Certificate once we verify,  by a means of a questionaire, that you have indeed watched the seminar.

It's easy, convenient and a source of expert information that's clinically relevant!

Contact us on 02 9280 1885 for further details and registrations.

Bush Flower Essences
Australian Bush Flower Essences

Energy medicine is at the forefront of creating a whole new world of options and outcomes. Our workshops and courses explore and teach this new paradigm of health and wellbeing, creating new opportunities for “healing the whole person”.

No matter what your area of expertise, you find the Australian Bush Flower Essences exceptionally useful in your practice, enhancing your knowledge base, complementing your existing modality, and improving your client outcomes.

The following workshops and courses are Accredited with ANTA for CPE purposes.

Distance Learning

Download More Information More Information and Details » (PDF 52kb)


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