ANTA National Council Members


Please meet our National Council Members who make up the Board of Representatives for each of the modalities recognised by ANTA.

Jim Olds

ANTA Executive Officer
Company Secretary
CMPAC Director
Business Plan Chair

Jim is a Myotherapist who has operated clinics in New South Wales and Queensland for over 27 years. He is a trainer, educator and the Executive Officer for ANTA. His advocacy for the profession is founded on ethical practice focusing on public health and safety.


Elizabeth Greenwood

National President
CMPAC Director
National Western Herbal Medicine Branch Chair
CPE Chair/Seminar Chair
Registration Chair
Website/Media Chair
ANTAB Committee Member
ANRANT Committee Member
ICNM Ambassador

Elizabeth holds a Masters of Herbal Medicine and has spent many years in the profession of Naturopathy and has seen the strengths and weaknesses first hand. She is dedicated to the strength and professionalism of Naturopathy through education, mentoring and international recognition of Naturopathy as a viable and reliable method of healthcare.


Shaun Brewster

National Treasurer
National Myotherapy Branch Chair
Health Fund Chair
ANRANT Committee Member

Shaun is a Myotherapist, Exercise Physiologist, educator and clinician. For over 20 years Shaun has dedicated his career to working clinically with clients, providing education in both higher education institutions and in post graduate training, and working closely with industry groups to help move the quality and standard of healthcare forward. As a passionate practitioner of manual and exercise therapy, Shaun represents ANTA as a Board Director and Chair of the Myotherapy Branch.

Warren Maginn

National Vice-President
National Nutritional Branch Chair
TGA Chair
Ethics Panel Member Chair
ANTAB Committee Member
ANRANT Committee Member

Warren is a Clinical Nutritionist and college lecturer, specialising in the individualised management of chronic health conditions through the principles of Functional and Nutritional Medicine. Warren mentors naturopathic and medical practitioners around Australia and New Zealand in their use of functional laboratory testing, nutritional compounding and clinical nutraceuticals, as a basis to holistic and integrative health management.

Kaitlin Edin

National Acupuncture Branch Chair
ANTAB Committee Member
ANRANT Committee Member

Kaitlin is an acupuncturist from the Classical Meridian Therapy tradition, with extensive knowledge and use of different styles of acupuncture. She began her studies informally in Japan and completed her Bachelor of Health Science (TCM) in Australia in 2008. She is AHPRA registered for both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Kaitlin is a qualified History and Economics teacher and has taught Eastern Medicine and Acupuncture related seminars, workshops and lectures since 2011. Since 2009, Kaitlin has worked for an industry partner to the natural therapies and acupuncture profession providing clinical and administrative support to practitioners during that time. She has also worked in financial regulatory environments and in health research. Her experience within education institutions, industry and clinical practice provides her with a broad base of knowledge, to best support her branch members.

Isaac Enbom

National Remedial Therapy Branch Chair
ANTAB Committee Member
ANRANT Committee Member

Isaac specialises in the area of Myotherapy with extensive experience as both a clinician and educator. He has completed additional studies in Health and Exercise Science and believes in a holistic approach to healthcare.

With over 10 years of experience in the field, his Myotherapy practice has allowed him to work in various settings, including clinical and sporting sectors, along with mentoring of other practitioners. He has lectured and presented at many different RTO's, TAFE's and Universities and is currently managing various courses and curriculum provision within the Health and Wellness areas. Isaac is committed to the industry and ensuring the highest quality education of manual therapists.


Mark Shoring

National Multi-modality Branch Chair
ANTAB Committee Member
ANRANT Committee Member

Mark has been a leader within the natural medicine professions for the past 20 years. While working extensively as a clinical practitioner at 'Master Healthcare' he has also worked across the profession through corporate, operations, governance and education sectors.

In addition to his busy clinical practice, Mark was deeply engaged with the Australian College of Natural Medicine / Endeavour College of Natural Health for more than fifteen years. Mark went on to accept the role of National Program Leader with responsibility for the delivery of the Bachelor of Health Science Acupuncture Degree across six campuses in Australia.

Mark has also previously contributed to professional association operations including his involvement with ANTA. Mark has previously served his constituents as an ANTA National Councillor and an advisor over recognition of numerous courses for the ANTA National Council. Mark contributed as a professional educator at ANTA national seminars presented throughout Australia from 2006 - 2018.

Ananda Mahony

National Naturopathy Branch Chair

Ananda is a Naturopath who works with people who are struggling with chronic ongoing pain that is caused by a wide range of conditions. Her interest in pain management emerged out of the frustration of seeing patients receive inconsistent treatment and the use of isolated pain management strategies rather than holistic care.


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