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An online campaign with ANTA reaches a highly targeted audience of natural therapists, students and industry professionals interested in complementary medicine in general, and health and well being in particular. All advertising on this site is sold on a time basis rather than on a per-impression basis.

ANTA eNews Advertising

Bonus Offer:
ANTA keeps in touch with its members in various formats and our eNews is a dedicated newsletter emailed to ALL our members at least 3 times a month. Over 10,000 members receive this eNews via email and it’s an important communication avenue keeping members updated on new regulations, news and updates in the industry as well as their respective modalities. ANTA offers advertisers an eNews banner per eNews to advertisers

eNews Banner
2 eNews Flyer Inserts
4 eNews Flyer Inserts

eNews Banner Banner: 629 x 92 pixel ad (20KB maximum)

A flyer is available for download that includes rates, specifications and campaign details.

Digital Advertising Booking Form - Seminars & Conferences / Short Courses & Workshop

To begin your campaign today click on and save the Online booking form below. Complete and submit the Advertise Online Booking Form to ANTA.

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Tip: To save your typed data in the Online Booking Form click "File" and choose"Save as", enter a new file name and select a destination folder for the file and "Save". This will allow you save a copy of the completed Booking form.

The prices above are valid for campaigns paid in full, in advance, and represent our latest rates. If you would like to reserve your advertising space, please get in touch with ANTA with your specific requirements. On request ANTA can provide estimates on the exposure you will receive every month for each area of the web site.

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