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ELEMENTS of KUNYE TIBETAN MASSAGE- Healing Points, Compresses & Oils for Mental & Physical Health

Contact: Mathew Long

Phone: 0457737401


With Menpa Matthew Schmookler from the Shang Shung Institute School of Tibetan Medicine USA Sat 28 & Sun 29 March 2020, Prana House Melbourne Therapeutic Techniques of Kunye Tibetan Massage & External Therapies. A CEU course for Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists and other providers Beginning with an introduction to the elemental theory of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, this course focuses on clinical application of specific techniques: Healing Points of Kunye massage Compress therapies Compress applications- Hot Stones, Sand, Salt Topical herbal oils Oil formulation And more

Perth Practitioner Xmas Party

Contact: Kacey Grieves

Phone: 0413305506


Time for Naturopaths, Nutritionist and Herbalist to celebrate the amazing work we do. Unit and build community strength. COME AND CELEBRATE AN AMAZING YEAR AS HEALERS. Friday 6TH Dec Windsor Hotel 2pm-5pm $15 a ticket. must be pre purchased.

RN LABS EVENT - Advances in Microbiome Testing

Contact: RN Labs

Phone: 1800 203 327


Don’t miss this eye-opening workshop with Dr David Quig, PhD, Vice President, Scientific Support for Doctor’s Data, Inc. In this exciting half-day workshop, Dr David Quig dives deep into Microbiome testing, answering questions you may have and clearing up some confusion on the different offerings on the market. He will provide an in-depth look at different facets of heavy metals and the gut microbiome, and introduce the NEW GI360 test. If you are are interested in learning more about microbiome and heavy metal testing, and are interested in this brand new GI test that will provide you with the most clinically actionable results, this workshop is for you. Find out more:

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