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Ayurveda Awareness Centre Online Course
Discover your mind-body type and what you should eat, exercise and work for better health and life. Get 6 CPE points when you enrol! Use coupon code 'antamember' for a 20% Discount

When: May 15, 2020
Where: Online Course
Undergraduate Certificates - Endeavour College of Natural Health
Looking to brush up or add to your repertoire of skills? Take advantage of subsidised course fees for two Undergraduate Certificates for as little as $500. CPE for ANTA members.

When: May 11 – December 31, 2021
Myofascial & Traditional Cupping Therapy
This Myofascial and Traditional Cupping Therapy training course is accredited by ANTA, designed with practical session particularly focusing on three different cupping types including glass, plastic and silicon. CPE Points - 8

Ayurveda Online Course
Change Your Health and Life with Understanding Your Mind-Body Type
ANTA Members 20% Discount + 6 CPE Points

Where: Online Course
On Point Pro - Modern Integrated Acupuncture Education Now Streaming
Experience a new way to obtain your CPE point and learn about acupuncture from the comfort of your home or on the move with your device. All modalities welcome.

Myofascial Dry Needling Course - ASRT
This Dry Needling course is accredited by ANTA and meets the guidelines set by ANTA and insurance companies as required by the QLD Office of the Health Ombudsman

Core Body Therapy
Myofascial Release Deep Tissue Training
Accredited for ANTA CPE

Where: QLD & NSW
A Guide to Setting up Clinic - Mentorship course for Acupuncturists
This mentorship course for Acupuncturists to help them navigate through everything from AHPRA to tax to clinic management and social media.

Dry Needling with Advanced Clinical Education (ACE)
This Dry Needling course is accredited with ANTA and meets the guidelines set by ANTA and insurance companies as stipulated by the QLD Office of the Health Ombudsman

Australian Shiatsu College - Traditional Japanese Moxibustion Therapy Course
There is no more powerful therapy than moxibustion to strengthen your patients immunity in these times of health concerns.

IMGateway - New CPE Module - Immunity
Please see the link below to complete the new module from IMGateway.

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After completion of the course practitioner will confidently add your skill of Traditional and Myofascial Cupping on clients including back, neck, chest, hips, lateral leg, hamstrings, ITB, posterior shoulder, calf and foot, anterior leg, arms, quads and knees in your clinic.

Lyme Disease Training in Australia
Improve Patient Outcomes with Integrative Lyme Treatment
ANTA CPE points Available!

Where: Online Course
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