Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Hours Guidelines

ANTA's Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Guidelines update November 2016

CPE Guidelines
(Adobe PDF File)

What is CPE?

Continuing Professional Education is the upgrading or acquisition of knowledge and skills in the accredited modalities that will aid the practitioner in providing the patient with a high standard of health care.

Why is CPE Necessary?

CPE is an important part of providing professional healthcare services to patients and ensures practitioners regularly update their clinical skills and professional knowledge.

ANTA requires members to complete 20 CPE hours annually (Jan – Dec).

Completion of 20 CPE hours annually is a requirement for ongoing provider recognition with all Health Funds and WorkCover Authorities. Note: If you do not complete 20 hours of CPE annually, Health Funds and WorkCover Authorities can terminate your provider recognition.

Each year Health Funds carry out audits of members records to ensure 20 hours of CPE are completed by all members annually.

Make sure you lodge online or send to ANTA, details of 20 hours of CPE you have completed by the end of each year.

CPE reinforces ANTA’s natural health philosophy.

Other Benefits of CPE:

  • members are kept informed and up-to-date with the latest developments
  • facilitates communication and networking
  • encourages further study
  • enhances professional standing within the community

Required CPE Hours

ANTA members must accumulate a minimum of 20 CPE Hours per annum (Jan – Dec)

At least 50 % of CPE hours undertaken must be related to the modalities your are accredited in by ANTA

Note: Hours in excess of 20 completed in the current year are not able to be carried over to subsequent years.

Members registered with CMBA/AHPRA must abide by CMBA CPD/CPE Guidelines ( for the modalities of acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine and also submit their CPE to ANTA

CPE Activities

Members can undertake CPE hours in many ways including the following:

  • attending ANTA free seminars – details of seminars are regularly posted on
  • researching scientific information on IMGateway - free access for members on
  • researching scientific information on EBSCO - free access for members on
  • researching scientific information on eMIMS Cloud – free access for members on
  • viewing seminar video’s and seminar presentations - free access for members on
  • completing courses on ANTA e-Learning Centre -free access for members on
  • giving lectures/tutorials
  • giving CPE seminar presentations
  • undertaking further study
  • completing short courses
  • contributing an article to the ANTA journal “The Natural Therapist” and ANTA website
  • contributing an article to other relevant journals, magazines & publications
  • reading articles in the quarterly ANTA journal “The Natural Therapist”
  • subscribing to and reading other professional publications and journals
  • attending webinars
  • viewing online, DVD’s or videos on relevant topics
  • listening to recordings on relevant topics
  • radio/tv broadcasting on relevant topics
  • reading and researching information on topics relevant to your practice
  • attending local practitioner groups/workshops
  • volunteer work with community groups involving natural therapies

CPE Seminars

ANTA National CPE seminars are held in each state annually and are free for all ANTA members

ANTA & other CPE seminars are communicated to members via the ANTA website, ANTA e-News and in “The Natural Therapist”. Members should regularly check the ANTA website for details of seminars.

Maintaining your own personal online CPE Record:

ANTA provides members with simple easy to use online facilities to complete and lodge their CPE hours in their own personal and permanent CPE online record fully maintained on the Members section of the ANTA website (Note: your CPE history is retained for future reference and you should not delete any of your online CPE records). ANTA members can as an example, undertake research on EBSCO, IMGateway scientific resources, view video’s of ANTA seminars etc and then record those CPE hours on their personal CPE record all in the one session via the ANTA website.

To submit/view your CPE hours online with ANTA:

  • Log onto the ANTA Member Centre here using your username & password
  • Navigate to the “Members Management” section of the Member Centre by using the Member Centre Navigation, or via the Member Area link in the top right hand screen
  • Inside your Member Management Area please click on the CPE Activity Tab
  • Add CPE Activity by clicking the PLUS (+) symbol above CPE Activity table
  • key in your CPE activity (date, description, hours)
  • you can cownload your CPE hours recorded online at any time by clicking on "download my CPE"

Maintaining your own manual CPE Record

Members not wishing to take advantage of the ANTA online CPE record can keep their own manual CPE Hours record which should be available at any time to supply in the event of a health fund provider audit, and include the following minimum information shown in the example below:

CPE Hours Record
Year: (insert year)

Name of Member:
ANTA Member Number:

Date of CPE
Description of CPE Activity Completed
CPE Hours
(Note: the following CPE activities are provided as examples)
22nd March
3rd April
4th May
30th June
1st July
11th August
5th September
30 October
Attended ANTA Free Seminar
Remedial Therapy research on EBSCO – ANTA website
Naturopathy e-learning module IMGateway – ANTA website
Read ANTA Journal – The Natural Therapist June edition
ANTA seminar video – Kerry Bone presentation
ANTA e-Learning Centre articles
Completed short course Stress & Wellness
Attended webinar Herbal Remedies

Members who do not record and maintain their CPE hours in their own personal online file via the ANTA website, can maintain their own manual record as shown in the example above and submit their CPE Hours Record to ANTA prior to the end of each year in the following ways:

  • by email to
  • by fax to (07) 5409 8200
  • by post to ANTA PO Box 657 Maroochydore Qld 4558

(Note: members should keep a copy of their manual CPE Activity for their own records and for any audits of their practice undertaken by Health Funds or WorkCover)

For further information or assistance contact ANTA:
free call 1800 817 57

Make sure you lodge online or forward to ANTA, details of 20 hours of CPE you have completed by the end of each year. Health Funds carry out annual audits of members records and if you have not submitted 20 hours of CPE activity to ANTA health Funds will de-register you as a provider.

» Once you have completed your CPE activity Submit your CPE Details.