Guidance on Choosing a Therapist

Natural Therapies in the main are governed by professional associations. This can often make it difficult to choose an appropriately qualified and accredited natural therapist.

For more than 60 years ANTA has been accrediting natural therapy practitioners who meet the high educational and training standards required for ANTA membership.

ANTA accredits practitioners in the following disciplines/modalities, click on the therapy of your choice to search for an ANTA accrediated practitioner:

The majority of natural therapists are governed by an association (i.e. ANTA).

natural therapy practitioner may or may not have membership with an association or may have membership with more than one association.

The quality,  membership criteria and qualification requirements of associations does vary and care should be taken to ensure the natural therapy practitioner is a member of, and accredited with, a bona fide association (i.e. ANTA).

Membership of a quality bona fide association is a good indicator of the quality of the therapy/treatment you are likely to receive.

Things to consider when choosing a natural therapy practitioner:

It’s only natural to want the best health advice. When selecting a natural therapy practitioner look for the ANTA symbol, it’s your guarantee of professionalism. Our members’ prime concern is your optimum health.

It's your choice, Naturally

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