Scope and Standards of Practice

The scope and standards of practice were developed by the Australian Natural Therapists Association to:

  • establish guidelines for the delivery of quality health care services to the public
  • defend public health and safety
  • protect the public interest
  • promote informed health care choices

The practitioner shall:

  1. Provide health care services consistent with and in accordance with the scope of qualifications and training

  2. Consider the health and wellbeing of the patient and have an understanding of the therapeutic nature of the patient and practitioner relationship

  3. Treat patients with compassion, respect and have an appreciation of the diversity of human background and cultural values

  4. Listen to and identify the concerns of the patient, families and carers

  5. Present information accurately and clearly to a patient in accordance with good professional practice

  6. Respect the patients right to make decisions about their health care

  7. Refer patients to other health service practitioners as appropriate

  8. Continue self education to maintain currency of health care services

  9. Maintain patient confidentiality in accordance with legal requirements

  10. Maintain professional reputation based on integrity and ability

  11. Maintain a safe and hygienic practice environment

  12. Maintain and keep accurate up-to-date patient records in a secure and confidential manner

  13.  Abide by the Code of Professional Ethics of the Australian Natural Therapists Association

  14. Abide by the Constitution, policies and rules of the Australian Natural Therapists Association

  15. Comply with Local, State and Federal laws


Scope and Standards of Practice (PDF 82KB)

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