2019 Graduate Winners

ANTA is pleased to announce the first round of ANTA Graduate Awards for 2019.

ANTA Graduate Awards consist of 12 months complimentary ANTA membership and $200.00.

Graduate Awards are provided several times a year and are open to all graduates who have completed a course recognised by ANTA. Students who graduate and join ANTA are automatically included for assessment for an ANTA Graduate Award.

Throughout 2019 ANTA will be announcing further recipients of ANTA Graduate Awards.

Round 1 ANTA Graduate Award Winners for 2019

Name Course of Study State
Benjamin Greatwich
Naturopathy WA
Brooke Hughes
Naturopathy QLD
Tamika Woods
Nutritional Medicine
Anouk Sherman
Nutritional Medicine VIC
Gemma Poci
Naturopathy & Nutrition VIC
Kelly Orr Nutritional Medicine
Dianne Correa
Nutritional Medicine NSW


Round 2 ANTA Graduate Award Winners for 2019

Name Course of Study State
Mareike (Insa) Haidn
Joanna Smartt
Nutrition & Western Herbal Medicine
Ann-Louise Barrett
David George
Cassandra Snape
Western Herbal Medicine
Chunyang Lin
Traditional Chines Medicine & Acupuncture

Congratulations go to the above recipients on their achievements and being selected to receive an ANTA Graduate Award. ANTA will contact each recipient to present them with their award.

The ANTA Graduate Awards are ongoing throughout 2019 and for further information on how to participate in the ANTA Graduate Awards click here.
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