What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the science and practice of utilising naturally extracted essential oil phytochemical components from medicinal plants. Essential oils have a long history of use for a wide range of applications that are becoming validated through clinical evidence today. Aromatherapy is renowned for its ability to balance, harmonise and promote health of the emotions, mind, body and spirit. Modern Aromatherapists are pioneers in many forms of isolated constituent plant research projects and are dedicated to the holistic practice of professional essential oil application. Blending both the art and science they seek to treat the physiological, psychological and emotional areas of an individual. Essential oils are highly antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, beneficial for digestion as well as being well known for their stress relieving properties to truly enhance the individuals healing process. As a traditional and modern holistic medicine, Aromatherapy is both a preventative and a proven acute and chronic treatment during specific illness and disease states. Aromatherapy is very complimentary to other natural therapies as well as orthodox medicine. .

How to gain ANTA Accreditation in Aromatherapy?

Here are a few tips to help you gain accreditation with ANTA as an Aromatherapist.

  1. Review our recognised courses to obtain information on colleges and courses ANTA recognises for accreditation
  2. Download a Membership Application form, fully complete and post into ANTA
  3. Ensure you have certified copies of your qualifications and academic records
  4. Use the applicants checklist within the application to ensure fully completed

ANTA's Scope and Standards of Practice

To view ANTA's commitment to the delivery of quality health care, public safety and promoting informed choices in Aromatherapy read our Scope and Standards of Practice.
Scope and Standards of Practice - Aromatherapy

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