What is Nutrition?

What we eat is an important part of our being.

Food provides us with the energy and vital nutrients necessary to remain healthy and help us should we become ill. We may have an allergic reaction or a food intolerance, which leads to an eruption on the skin. Stomach cramps, vomiting or diarrhoea may occur after eating certain foods.

Knowing which foods are responsible is the first step to ascertaining how to go about addressing the problem, though this can sometimes seem like a detective’s nightmare. Often the only way is to carry out an elimination diet, by excluding certain substances.

A nutritionist is someone who examines our dietary intake and lifestyle so as to discover any imbalances.

How to gain ANTA Accreditation in Nutrition?

Here are a few tips to help you gain accreditation with ANTA in Nutrition.

  1. Review our recognised courses to obtain information on colleges and courses ANTA recognises for accreditation
  2. Download a Membership Application form, fully complete and post into ANTA
  3. Ensure you have certified copies of your qualifications and academic records
  4. Use the applicants checklist within the application to ensure fully completed

ANTA's Scope and Standards of Practice

To view ANTA's commitment to the delivery of quality health care, public safety and promoting informed choices in Nutrition read our Scope and Standards of Practice.
Scope and Standards of Practice - Nutrition

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