New 2018 Sydney Seminar Webinars Released on ANTA Member Centre


New ANTA Seminar Webinars Released
Earn CPE points for 2018

ANTA are proud to present two additional webinars recorded at our Sydney Seminar, 2018 which are available in our Member Centre and can be used to contribute to your required CPE activity.

Legal & Ethical Scenarios for Practitioners – Presented by Professor Michael Weir

Michael Weir, GAID, Professor of Law, Bond University and Author of “Law & Ethics in Complementary Medicine”. In this session Michael will discuss Some legal/ethical scenarios for practitioners and how to approach them.

Medicinal Cannabis – Presented by Justin Sinclair

Over the last decade, Justin’s research interests encompass Medicinal Cannabis, cannabinoid based pharmacology, novel drug development, full spectrum plant extracts and plant based pharmacology for pain, inflammation and immune modulation. His current clinical interests include pain management, mental health disorders and herb drug interactions.

Watch these videos anytime and record your CPE Points

1.Log into ANTA Member Centre

2.Go to eLearning > 2018 Webinars & watch live video recordings from our national seminars

3. Record your CPE in the ANTA Membership Management Section (1 hr = 1 Point)

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