Whitelisting Email Addresses



How to Stop our Emails from going to your Junk/Spam Inbox

As a practitioner, it is extremely important to be able to communicate with your clients and stay on top of industry information. In the current climate, the most efficient way to do this is through email communication. It is the fastest method of direct written communication which is also cost-effective and instant.

With tech giants such as Gmail creating tabs which automatically sort your inbox for you, important information can be easily lost if you do not keep on top of all of the inboxes – including the Junk/Spam folders. This includes AI technology recognising emails with links and/or attachments as spam and reallocating this for you. All in the interest of saving you time and energy.

To ensure you do not miss important information, especially that from your Association, we recommend following the instructions below on how to ‘Whitelist’ emails addresses to prevent them from being allocated to another folder.

ANTA members should be adding ‘@anta.com.auto your approved sender’s list. This may also include ‘info@anta.com.au’, ‘admin@anta.com.au’, ‘accounts@anta.com.au’, ‘marketing@anta.com.au’, ‘membership@anta.com.au’ and ‘noreply@anta.com.au’.

Below are a list of different email domains. Click the link to your domain and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, you can Google how to whitelist with your own domain to ensure you do not miss any emails from us.