A Painful Difference Webinar

A Painful Difference

Sex and gender have an impact on all health conditions, leading to different disease risk factors for women and men and outcomes in prevalence, presentation, and response to treatment. This is significant in persistent pain where both responses and perceptions to noxious stimuli are different. More recently, differences in the neuroimmune mechanisms involved in pain perception have been identified between sexes suggesting that there is a need for distinct clinical strategies to improve pain management in male and female patients.

In this talk, Ananda looks at some of the different factors that may account for the different experiences of pain between men and women, and how this could impact clinical approaches.

Webinar Details

Date: Saturday 4th December 2021
Time: 3:30pm ADST | 2:30pm AEST | 3pm ADCT | 12:30pm AWST
CPE Points: 1
Where: Online
Cost: FREE