Kaitlin Edin

In 1996 I went to live in Japan for a year. I stayed for another three years after finding the pathway to the medicine of acupuncture and moxa. It has been an enduring fascination and love ever since.

In 2008 I completed a BHSc(CM) at UTS and then went on to complete another five years of post graduate studies in traditional and modern applications of Eastern medicine, with teachers in Australia, Japan and Europe. Certifications include Toyohari, Dr Manaka Protocols, Japanese Moxa, Children’s Needle Therapy, Si Yuan Balance Method, Ba Zi.

I have been been privileged to work in a variety of clinical situations including group and solo practice, Community health including women’s services and trauma support, IVF and pregnancy support, acupuncture research and on several randomized control trials (RCT). It has been clinical applications of the medicine rather than research though that has held the most interest and appeal.

The medicine of acupuncture and moxa transforms the human body at many levels. The inner traditions of the medicine offer a language and understanding of the interplay of the mind body spirit, so all kinds of healing can come from the physical modality, with the appropriate application, cultivation and recognition.

I am a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner with AHPRA.
I have been a member of ANTA for over 14 years and have worked for ANTA members as the Acupuncture Branch Chair on ANTA’s National Council of ANTA since November 2019.

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