Private Health Insurance Audits


Private Health Insurance Audits

This module has been created to take the fear out of private health insurance audits.

The module has been developed by the Australian Regional Health Group (ARHG)*, with specialist input and review from private health funds.

Online and in your own time, you will learn about:

  • the two types of private health insurance audits you might be subject to and why
  • what the audit process involves, and
  • the possible outcome of an audit.

Most importantly, you will learn the practices you can put in place to ensure you comply with private health insurance regulations.

This course will leave you confident, compliant, and free to focus on what you do best – help your patients feel better.

The module is delivered through ARHG’s online training platform, QualiPHI. For more information and to register, visit the QualiPHI website. Until 30th June, members will receive 15% off using the discount code LAUNCH15%. The course can also be purchased as a package with ARHG’s ‘Alternative therapy providers and private health insurance’ course for a 20% discount on both courses.

Private health insurance audits flyer

*ARHG is the facilitator of the ARHG recognised provider listing; a list of alternative therapy providers that meet a set of accreditation standards. The database is used by 32 private health funds to determine if claims for alternative therapy services can be paid.