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MyoFascial Stretch Therapy – Level 1 Workshop: 

Learn MyoFascial Stretch Therapy in only 4 days and start offering full 60-90min sessions immediately!

MyoFascial Stretch Therapy is primarily table-based therapy, where we work along the myofascial meridians, combining breathing and movement, to relax fascia to “let us in” and melt for better and longer-lasting results.

This is a treatment, designed to get you wow-factor results with clients! The techniques are EASY on the therapist (no matter the size of the client), and pain-free for the client (stretching shouldn’t hurt!).

Our hourly rate recommendation is about the same as a good physio in your area because we GET RESULTS.


MyoFascial Stretch Therapy is used to:

– Improve flexibility and mobility

– Eliminate pain (including sciatica, plantar fasciitis, hip/shoulder impingements, treat fibromyalgia & multiple sclerosis, and more…)

– Improve athletic performance

– Reduce the risk of injury

– Improve organ function & circulation

– Promote better sleep (through downregulating the nervous system)

The list goes on…


As a student with Stretch For Success, you’ll also receive business and marketing resources to help grow your business, free advertising on our website, and ongoing business support/mentorship.

We want all of our students and clients to be successful in business and in life 🙂


For much more info and to register, contact Karen Beanish


0433 937 117


Stretch For Success – MyoFascial Stretch Therapy & Training Academy