Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutritional Principles for Healthy Eating

NAT10932005 Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutritional Principles for Healthy Eating

TCM diet and lifestyle principles allow us to work with the natural energy and continual cycle of the seasons and the Chinese body clock; to work with nature and not against it. Before we can help ourselves and others, we need to understand better how the elements work with us to work with the natural flow to support and promote health. With a little understanding of the 5 Elements, you can choose and balance your diet by season, colour and flavour. By balancing these elements, you also support a healthy lifestyle.

To stay in harmony, TCM’s dietary teachings show us that each flavour corresponds to a specific organ of the body and qi meridian. It encourages us to apply basic principles such as “nourishing yang in spring and summertime and nourishing yin in autumn and winter time.”

In this course you will also learn about:

  • 5 Element nutritional basics
  • Healing with Wholefoods
  • Natural Medicines
  • How to inspire you and your family/clients to healthy eating
  • How some foods are right for your mind. body and spirit
  • Healthy and safe detoxing

This course is for:

  • Anyone interested in whole food nutrition and natural health
  • Anyone wanting to know more about the technique and methods used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Anyone with an interest in Oriental Medicine

The information in this course forms part of our bespoke program for the 10932 Certificate IV in Yoga Therapy Teaching.

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