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ANTA is Australia’s largest democratic association of natural therapists. We represent Adelaide’s best nutritionists, who we attract through our strict membership criteria. Every one of our nutritionists is qualified and accredited by Australian standards, and must complete a minimum number of professional development hours each year to stay on top of their training. This allows them to provide exceptional care to their clients.

Why use a nutritionist in Adelaide who belongs to ANTA?

✔️Our nutritionists are accredited with Australian qualifications
✔️We have been working with the best Adelaide therapists for over 60 years
✔️Good food is crucial for our health, and our nutritionists can teach you how to eat well
✔️We work with 50+ health funds, educators, researchers, and WorkCover authorities, providing the best support for our nutritionists
✔️All of our nutritionists are recognised by Australian State and Federal governments
✔️Our nutritionists offer science-backed, qualified advice to their clients

Nutritionist Adelaide | expert guide

What is a nutritionist?

Nutritionists are food scientists who give people advice on how to eat healthily, and obtain their health goals. They have a comprehensive understanding of the nutritional value of foods, which allows them to create meal plans that provide you with a balanced, nutritious diet.

What does a nutritionist do?

The primary goal of a nutritionist is to provide dietary recommendations that can improve your health, and help you to achieve your health goals. These will be customised to your specific health circumstances (e.g. issues like diabetes or high cholesterol) and your personal food tastes, to give you the best possible chance of success.

A nutritionist may also provide some key insights into the relationship between food and good health, so that you have some background knowledge to understand their methods, and why you should try to stick to their recommendations.

What does a sports nutritionist in Adelaide do?

Sports nutritionists can help to improve your sports performance by consuming the right foods. They will develop thorough meal plans that fit with your schedule and allow you to perform at an optimum level for your chosen sport. They can also help you to obtain physical goals like increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat. Sports nutritionists are often hired by sports clubs to get the best out of their athletes.

Dietitian vs nutritionist

Given that the two are so similar, you might be wondering about the difference between a dietitian and nutritionist. Dieticians tend to focus on calories and how they affect a person’s health, and can also work in clinical settings such as hospitals. Nutritionists take a more holistic approach, focusing on treating the entire body through dietary advice, exercises such as walking, de-stressing techniques, and other lifestyle advice.

Both nutritionists and dietitians are qualified in the science of nutrition, but dietitians can go one step further by offering treatment advice for a broad range of diseases and health conditions.

What are the types of nutritionists?

There’s a variety of specialisations for nutritionists, including:

  • Public health
  • Community nutrition
  • Sports nutrition
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Animal nutrition
  • Holistic nutrition

What are the health benefits of good nutrition?

Maintaining a healthy diet has an astonishing number of health benefits, including the following:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Staying in good, stable moods
  • Improving your energy levels
  • Improving your immune system
  • Improving your gut health (the second brain)
  • Reducing your risk of common diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis
  • Keeping your cholesterol low
  • Improving your memory and brain function
  • Reducing inflammation in your body and brain
  • Improving your digestive function and metabolic health
  • Reducing your risk of stroke
  • Strengthening your bones and teeth
  • Protecting against skin cancer
  • Helping your wallet: a plant-based diet is much cheaper than a meat-based diet

What are the techniques used by a nutritionist?

  • Goal setting—health goals will be set, and advice on how to achieve them. This can include losing weight, reducing cholesterol, and other common goals.
  • Nutritional analysis—an exploration of your current diet and the nutrients you are consuming.
  • Physical training analysis—a breakdown of your current exercise regimes, including your daily footsteps.
  • Meal plans and food diaries—an effective meal plan that fits your tastes, and will help you to achieve your goals.

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How to choose a clinical nutritionist in Adelaide

The fastest way for you to find a high quality nutritionist in Adelaide is by using our practitioner directory at the top of this page. Our strict membership criteria ensures that our nutritionists are qualified and accredited, and capable of providing excellent health advice.

Nutritionist Adelaide FAQs


#1 Should I see a dietitian or nutritionist to lose weight?

Dietitians and nutritionists are both trained in nutritional science, so both of them can help you to shed some kilos. But nutritionists tend to take a wider, more holistic view of your health, so they may be able to help in other areas that can help you to lose weight, like providing lifestyle advice.

#2 Do you have vegan nutritionists in Adelaide in your directory?

We have a large number of nutritionists in Adelaide, some of who may specialise in vegan nutrition. The easiest way to find them is through our practitioner directory, and exploring their websites to check whether they specialise in vegan-based foods.