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12 Unique Therapies

ANTA has been recognising natural therapy practitioners for 65 years, who aim to treat their patients holistically by widening their scope, and caring for the entire person rather than the specific illness or complaint.

A natural therapist aims to discover the underlying cause of symptoms, and then treat them by stimulating the body’s natural self-healing and regulating abilities.

Natural therapists practice a range of traditional, complementary, and alternative medical techniques, which are used to treat physical illnesses. There’s growing acceptance of natural therapy as a supplement to conventional medicine, reflected by the number of practices adopting a holistic approach to medical care.

Modern medicine doesn’t always have the answer, which in some cases, can be successfully filled by a natural therapy treatment such as acupuncture, shiatsu, remedial massage, or herbal medicine.

World Class Scientific Resources

ANTA members have free access to up-to-date scientific resources to strengthen and support their professional development.

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When you join ANTA, your professional accreditation will become nationally recognised and you will have the opportunity to grow your practice through our referral service, and much more.

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