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stretch to win institute

Fascia Stretch Therapy™ (FST) Level 1 is an in-person introductory, 5-day course su...

Campuses: NSW

aima interprofessional communications course

AIMA is delighted to launch an online CPE course for naturopaths - The Interprofessio...

Course Delivery: Online

si yuan balance method acupuncture – acuadvance

The Advanced Track addresses difficult disorders such as Shen disorders, complex synd...

Course Delivery: Online

si yuan balance method acupuncture – acucore

Designed for both beginning and advanced practitioners, discover a logical three step...

Course Delivery: Online

herbal energetics

This course is designed to deepen you energetic understanding, holistic interpretati...

Course Delivery: Online

constitutional energetics

This six month course is suitable for practitioners of all modalities....

Course Delivery: Online

western herbal energetic mentoring group

Join like-minded colleagues in a live and interactive discussion on Energetics, Irido...

Course Delivery: Online

private health insurance audits

This module has been created to take the fear out of private health insurance audits....

Study Area : Acupuncture Ayurveda Chinese-Herbal-Medicine Massage Chinese-Massage Remedial-Massage-Therapy Myotherapy Nutritionist

CPE Points: 1

Course Delivery: Online

foundation training in clinical ayurveda

The Foundation Training in Clinical Ayurveda (FTCA), a comprehensive certification cu...

Study Area : Ayurveda

CPE Points: 350

Course Delivery: Online

heartradiance flower essence level 1 – online webinar series

Dive into how flower essences are created and the natural health philosophy that unde...

CPE Points: 10

Course Delivery: Online

the microbiome & probiotics in infancy

Learn about the microbiome, why it is crucial in infancy, what causes dysbiosis and h...

Course Delivery: Online

the microbiome & probiotics in scn & nicu

Learn about the microbiome, and how it relates to conditions commonly seen in NICU/SC...

Course Delivery: Online

the microbiome & probiotics in pregnancy & breastfeeding

Learn about microbiome, why it is crucial in pregnancy and breastfeeding and how this...

Course Delivery: Online

australian shiatsu college – traditional japanese moxibustion therapy course

There is no more powerful therapy than moxibustion to strengthen your patients immuni...

Campuses: VIC

certificate iv in yoga therapy teaching

At the College of Therapy Yoga & Zen Shiatsu (COTY) you will achieve all the benefits...

Campuses: NSW

myofascial dry needling course – asrt

This Dry Needling course is accredited by ANTA and meets the guidelines set by ANTA a...

Campuses: NSW

ayurveda awareness centre – online courses

Change Your Health and Life with Understanding Your Mind-Body Type
ANTA Members...

CPE Points: 6

Course Delivery: Online

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