The Microbiome & Probiotics In SCN & NICU


ACM and ANTA Accredited Course

Total time: 60-90 minutes

Course registration at Qiara Health Professionals portal: https://www.qiara.com.au/qiara-health-pro/

Participants will learn about the microbiome, and how it relates to conditions commonly seen in NICU/SCN – low birth weight, pre-term babies & infections. It includes a review of how best to support neonates & mums microbiome to reduce risks associated with these conditions, through breastmilk, breastfeeding, skin-to-skin & pre & probiotics It also includes a thorough research review of specific probiotic strains that are clinically effective in this life stage, and why probiotic strain specificity & mechanism of action matter. Including case studies & best practices for prescribing probiotics for premature babies.

The course includes a 1.5-hour presentation (including Q&A) covering the latest clinical updates on the microbiome and why optimisation is so crucial in this life stage. Including a review of scientifically researched therapeutic probiotic strains specific for premature babies.