Australian Capital Territory

COVID-19 Communications

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1. 16 November 2021 - ACT Health Care Vaccination Direction

16 November 2021

The current Direction which is in place until the end of the State of Emergency states:

“A worker for a health care facility must not work at the premises of a health care facility for work in the Australian Capital Territory…”

For ANTA members

Health care facility means:

a. a hospital, including a day hospital; or
b. a hospice; or
c. all health care facilities operated by Canberra Health Services.

If you work in a hospital, day hospital, hospice or health care facility operated by Canberra Health Services, you are required to have at least 1 dose of the COVID-19 Vaccination between 29 October and 1 December 2021. From 1 December, you will need to have had the second dose to continue to attend the health care facility, unless evidence of an exemption can be provided (please read the Directions for this information).

2. 13 August 2021 - ACT Lockdown

13 August 2021

The ACT Government has announced that due to 1 confirmed case of COVID19 the state will go into a 7 day lockdown. From 5:00pm 12 August 2021 until 5:00pm 19th August 2021.

Remedial Massage

“Is regarded as Allied Health Services which can remain open.” Myotherapy will also fall under this categorisation.

Gyms, Health Clubs, Fitness Centres and Wellness Centres are closed. If you work from one of these locations you should contact the ACT Health Department to confirm whether your business can operate from that location.

If you can work from home (ie. Telehealth) you should do so.

Stay at Home Direction and Definitions.

3. 29 June 2021 - ACT Face Mask Requirements

29 June 2021

From midnight Sunday 27th June 2021, face masks are required in certain settings within the ACT. For more information click here.

As part of these directions, face masks should be worn by the client and practitioner at all times.