ANTA Brisbane Seminar 2024


ANTA Brisbane Seminar 2024

A Celebration of Natural Therapy Expertise


On Sunday 24 March, the Australian Natural Therapist Association (ANTA) kicked off its ANTA National Seminars Event Calendar for 2024 with a flourish at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Brisbane – marking the beginning of a year to be filled with professional education, networking and growth for members.

The seminar was a testament to the diversity and depth of expertise within the natural therapy community, featuring presentations from four distinguished practitioners in their respective fields. Attendees were treated to engaging talks covering a range of modalities, from the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to the hands-on techniques of Manual Therapies and the healing power of Herbal Medicine.

With over 100 ANTA members in attendance, the seminar provided a vibrant platform for networking and collaboration, as well as contributed to members’ yearly CPE requirements.
Attendees were also able to connect not only with fellow practitioners but also with the ANTA team, including the Board of Directors and ANTA’s new CEO, David Liesegang.

The seminar was in part made possible through the support of ANTA’s exclusive insurance partner, Guild Insurance. For the past four years, Guild Insurance has been ensuring that ANTA members have access to comprehensive insurance coverage tailored to their needs and has been a valuable partner with a strong commitment to the natural therapy community.

Throughout the event, attendees were invited to explore presenter stands showcasing additional materials, educational tools, and products. This provided a valuable opportunity for further learning and discovery, allowing practitioners to enhance their skills and expand their toolkit.

Of course, no seminar would be complete without some great food, and attendees were treated to a healthy and delicious morning tea. This provided not only nourishment for the body but also a chance for participants to mingle and exchange ideas in a relaxed setting.

As ANTA looks ahead to future seminars, the organisation remains dedicated to continuing offering quality, professional development opportunities, and to providing its members with enriching experiences that foster growth, collaboration, and excellence in natural therapy.

And through the three (3) remaining ANTA Seminar events for 2024

Sydney 26 May | Perth 24 August | Melbourne 25 November 

ANTA looks forward to continuing its unwavering commitment to supporting the growth of its practitioner members and to further advancing the fields of natural therapy in Australia.