Ayurveda Day 2022


Ayurveda Day is celebrated every year on the occasion of Dhanwantair Jayanti (Dhanteras). This year, we celebrated Ayurveda Day on 23 October 2022.

The objections of Ayurveda Day include:


ANTA’s Ayurveda Branch Chair, Neerja Ahuja, spoke to a few Ayurvedic Medicine practitioners. Neerja is Principal Consultant of Ayurveda Awareness Centre and started the first Ayurveda Registered Training Organisation in Western Australia in 2003, offering qualifications up to the Advanced Diploma. View the videos below to learn more!
Dr Rajen Cooppan – About Ayurveda

Dr Rajen Cooppan (MBChB, MD, Adv. Dip. Ayurveda, Dip. Nutritional and Natural Medicine) runs private GP Practice in Durban, South Africa, Integrating Functional and Nutritional Medicine into GP practice. Dr Rajen developed and taught the Foundation Training in Clinical Aromatherapy (FTCA) in Australia and training 180 healthcare, GPs and Natural Medicine practitioners. Dr Rajen served on the Complementary Medicine Committee of the Federal Government of Australia / TGA as Expert Advisor and served as Expert Advisor to the Complementary Medicine Committee of the Medicines Control Council of South Africa. Dr Rajen has lectured internationally on Ayurvedic Medicine, Natural Medicine, Nutritional Medicine and published 24 peer reviewed papers in international journals.

Karina Thullesen – Detoxification using Ayurveda:

Karina did her Advanced Diploma in Ayurveda training in 2009 followed by a post-graduation in marmapuncture. She runs her Ayurveda practice in Perth. She does health and wellness consultations with extended treatments plans, including Ayurvedic treatments in Panchakarma detox programs for seasonal cleanses.


Kiran Kaushik – Kitchen Spices and Herbs in an Ayurvedic Kitchen:

Kiran is currently working in Adelaide with SA Government in COVID operations. She is also working as an Ayurvedic practitioners with Aspects of Healing. She has experience in Ayurveda for 7 years in India before coming to Australia.


Ayurveda Cooking Demonstration – Cauliflower Masala, Rice and Raita:

Shalini Bhamre – Ayurvedic Solutions for Obesity:

Shalini has done her Bachelors in Ayurveda Medicine (BAMS) from India. Currently, Shalini is working full time at a local hospital and also practising Ayurveda specially working with women with obesity, PCOS and arthritis in Perth.