Determining A Person’s Destiny (Ming) Through Facial Diagnosis

Ming can be defined as a person’s destiny. A person’s Ming can be identified utilizing facial diagnosis which can help guide a person in navigating their karma and determine their Golden Path. Golden Path is a term coined by Lillian Pearl Bridges that refers to a person’s Ming and their calling of the universe.

In this course, CT Holman explains how to use Lillian’s face reading lineage to understand a person’s unique talents and abilities. He will share his experience of guiding patients in becoming more in tune with universal energy by identifying their Ming and helping them harmonize with the universal energy flow. He will discuss lifestyle and treatment strategies based on their Ming. When all these aspects are integrated, optimal health abounds. Tailored for Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists, this course intricately explores the ancient wisdom embedded in facial diagnosis to unveil a person’s destiny and guide them on the path to realizing their Ming.

He will also explain how identifying a patient’s pathology patterns provides clues to how they are out of balance with the universal qi flow. CT will include several patient pictures of their transformations. CT draws on his extensive studies under Lillian Bridges.

What You Will Learn
Understand the concept of Ming in relation to Chinese Medicine.
Learn how to use the face to determine a person’s destiny.
Learn how to guide a person in realizing their Ming.

Course Outline
Elevate your practice as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner or Acupuncturist by delving into the profound interplay between Ming (destiny) and facial diagnosis. This course provides an in-depth exploration of how facial features serve as a gateway to understanding and guiding individuals in realizing their destined path within the framework of Chinese Medicine.

Course Highlights:

Introduction to Ming (0.5 Hour):
Uncover the philosophical foundations of Ming in Chinese Medicine, exploring its significance in shaping an individual’s life journey.
Discuss historical perspectives and cultural context to deepen the participants’ appreciation for the role of Ming in holistic well-being.
Set the stage for a comprehensive exploration of Ming through the lens of facial diagnosis.
Facial Diagnosis for Determining Ming (1.5 Hours):
Immerse yourself in the art of facial diagnosis as a key tool for unraveling the mysteries of Ming.
Analyze case studies that showcase practical applications of facial diagnosis in determining a patient’s Ming.
Engage with visual aids, including patient pictures, to identify specific facial markers indicative of a person’s destiny.
Guiding Realization of Ming (1.0 Hour):
Delve into the nuances of guiding individuals on the path to realizing their Ming within the context of Chinese Medicine.
Explore counseling techniques and therapeutic approaches grounded in Chinese Medicine principles.
Examine patient pictures to identify and discuss practical strategies for aligning an individual’s life with their destined path.
Interactive Ming Identification Sessions (Throughout):
Participate in live interactive sessions where participants practice identifying Ming through facial diagnosis.
Collaborate with peers to share insights, discuss challenges, and refine skills in real-time.
Receive personalized feedback and guidance from experienced instructors to enhance proficiency.
By the end of this course, Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists will emerge equipped with a deepened understanding of Ming and practical skills in facial diagnosis for destiny realization. This transformative journey will empower participants to integrate these insights seamlessly into their practice, fostering holistic well-being and alignment with one’s destined path.


About CT Holman
CT Holman practices Chinese medicine in Salem, Oregon. His fulltime clinic was founded in 2001. CT wrote the textbooks: Treating Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine and Shamanism in Chinese Medicine both published by Singing Dragon. He teaches courses internationally, operates a mentorship program, and is the Director of Development for the Lotus Institute of Lillian Pearl Bridges. He studied in China (1999, 2001, and 2003) and has extensive post-graduate education with several leading teachers in the field.

CT has taught in Sweden, Germany, Mexico, Denmark, Australia, and the US. He teaches at the Oregon College of Chinese Medicine for its doctoral program, mentors masters and doctoral students, and has been published in the Journal of Chinese Medicine. CT utilises drumming with acupuncture treatments and has recently recorded and released a CD, Resonating Vitality – Chinese Medicine Drum Treatments.

Date: Sunday, 28th of July 2024
Time: 9am – 12pm (AEST)
Pricing: $245 for Practitioners, $210 for Students (FULL TIME Undergraduates)
CPD: 3 CPD Points

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  • July 28, 2024

  • 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

  • $245/210 Per Person

  • 3 CPE Points

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